DNA Hard Drives: An innovation that signals the dawn of a new era in scientific and clinical data management and archival methods.

DNA hard drives revolutionize scientific and clinical data storage by capitalizing on DNA’s incredible density and stability. They enable researchers to archive vast datasets, genomic sequences, and other scientific information in a compact, long-lasting format. With a single gram of DNA capable of storing 215 petabytes (or 215 million gigabytes), this technology offers unparalleled storage […]

Hidden Dangers: Confronting Lab Managers’ Deepest Fear

In the dynamic realm of pharmaceutical research, hidden beneath the surface of daily operations, lie fears that can disrupt the very core of scientific progress. As industry experts with many years of experience in data management within pharmaceutical processes, we understand that these concerns are not mere shadows but tangible threats with far-reaching consequences. At […]

Whys, Whats and Hows” of effective Document Management and Traceability

WHY are document management and traceability important? Document management and traceability are essential in LIMS implementation to maintain clarity, manage changes effectively, ensure quality, foster collaboration, mitigate risks, and comply with industry regulations. These practices contribute to the success of the development process and the delivery of a high-quality implementation. Here are six most important […]